Congradulations & Special thanks to Are repeat customers !

11-20-10 Johnny of Rousemont : 10  calves

SHERRY OF APEX with woody & Tippsy

SID from 7 springs N.C  nick, down,romeo,broke,#-40 

Terry of Kenly N.C with the purchase of:

stroud & Festus


Johnny of  Rousemont N.C with the purchase of : billy, Turkey. Jr. Galieth, Chille, manny, Moe, J ack. Sadsack. Mr Wiggles ,Bob, WildJack, It


Sid from seven spring N.C of clause, lynn, fuzz. Max  

 Peter from danville V.A with the purchase of Ziggy, Stella, Smoke


Jeff from Akin S.C with the purchase of LuLu: REally nice Heifer!!!!

Jeff from V.A with the purchase of: Ballon,Tipsy, windshied, Bandit


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